We’re committed to ending sexual abuse in our society

​Since 1982, HELP has been a specialist provider of sexual abuse support services for Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.

We believe that sexual abuse has no place in our society. But, for as long as it continues to occur, we will continue to enable children, young people and adults suffering from the effects of abuse to heal and we will advocate for the rights of survivors. We will also keep challenging the social conditions which support abuse so together we can make the change we all want to see in our society….for it to be a safe place for us all.

At HELP, we are conscious of Aotearoa New Zealand’s diverse cultural and community needs. We cater to the needs of all of our clients in the best ways we can through our diverse staff, engaging in ongoing training and consultation, and staying connected with culture-specific services.

We’ve helped thousands of sexual abuse survivors to heal and move forward. Find out more about our services.

Our vision

​To work toward a society where relationships are based on co-operation and respect to end sexual violence.

Our values

We are survivor-centred and respond to survivors’ needs

We honour Te Tiriti by supporting tino rangatiratanga in partnerships with kaupapa Māori agencies, and continually improving the cultural safety of the services we provide to Māori

We recognise the importance of meeting cultural and other needs as foundations of well-being

We collaborate with others where better outcomes can be achieved

You can read our Code of Ethics here.

Last year alone, we attended over 400 callouts to those affected by sexual abuse and assault – learn more about our impact.

We help prevent sexual abuse. We support survivors

HELP is here to support Aucklanders who have been sexually abused. Through our crisis support and therapy services, we help survivors to heal and thrive, assisting them to reclaim their rights to live good lives.

Through our education services, we teach communities in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland about sexual abuse, raising awareness and reducing stigma, so we can all support those who have been hurt.

Through our prevention services, we work with preschool centres, whānau and communities teaching them how to protect our most vulnerable by preventing sexual abuse in the first place.

And through our advocacy services, we help to create the change we all want to see in our society. We advocate for the rights of sexual abuse survivors, collaborate with others to develop innovative paths to change, and support young people as change-makers in their own communities…so we can help protect future generations too.

Our Leadership Team

Keen to work with us and help make a difference?

We employ over 60 staff, including psychotherapists, counsellors and administration and management staff – and we’re often looking for experienced specialists to join us. If you’re interested in joining our team, learn more about working for us here.