Your enduring legacy can help us create real change

If you’re passionate about helping us continue our vital work, you can arrange to leave us a legacy (bequest) in your Will. This is a generous and enduring way to help us tackle Aotearoa’s shocking sexual abuse statistics, and to enable us to support as many survivors as we can for many years to come. 

Your legacy could benefit your children, your grandchildren and many future generations of women, tamariki and rangitahi.  

“Nearly 40 years ago I was working with the New Zealand Police and supporting women who had been sexually abused. It was very clear at the time that services for women in crisis needed to change. Along with other dedicated support people, I helped to set up HELP Auckland. Although the service has grown, HELP still needs support to be able to truly listen, support and heal those affected by sexual abuse.

Leaving a bequest in your Will is one sure way to have a major impact on the services offered to those in crisis and in therapy.” 

Dr Bill Daniels, HELP Founder & Legacy Champion

Smiling image of Dr Bill Daniels.  He is the founder of HELP Auckland and also has decided to leave a bequest in his will to HELP Auckland.


A bequest is a gift in your Will. It is a thoughtful way for you to support your loved ones and your favourite causes into the future – and to know that your money is going to be used to create real change.

You don’t need to be wealthy to leave a gift in your Will. Bequests come in all sizes and are all valued by Help Auckland. Many people find that a bequest is an ideal way to make a lasting contribution without impacting on their financial needs during their lifetime.

We recommend that you first discuss your plans with your solicitor and your immediate family, then instruct your legal advisor or trust company to include the wording in your Will. You’ll need a Will to leave a legacy donation. Most people have their Will drawn up by a lawyer, or the Public Trust also offers a straightforward, reasonably priced online or in-centre Will administration service.

If you’ve already made a Will, but are now interested in supporting HELP with a legacy, you can do so by asking your lawyer to add a codicil (an addition to your Will, which would include a bequest to HELP).

As your bequest is unlikely to be realised for some years to come, we recommend that you make it for general purposes, so that our successors can have the flexibility to direct it to the area of greatest need at the time. However, if you are interested in directing your gift to a specific area of our work, please call us on 0800 623 1700 to discuss some options.

Of course you can. Even if you just have some questions, we’d love to talk with you about this. Please email our Fundraising & Communications Manager to find out more.