Stephanie is a Registered Psychotherapist who has over 2O years clinical and leadership experience in the Mental Health Service and community. She has worked extensively providing psychotherapy for the effects of trauma. She moved into Clinical Management in recent years in the Hospice sector. In 2023 she joined HELP and now manages our Crisis Service Supports Services.

She is passionate about people who have experienced sexual violence getting access to emotional support 24/7. Especially from people with deep understanding about the impact of this acutely, or in an ongoing way in their lives. She loves working in teams and is very committed to helping and supporting our team to maintain their professional development alongside their physical and mental wellbeing.

Stephanie is also very interested in developing and maintaining successful connections and relationships with other Auckland Agencies. This includes community groups, and individuals involved in supporting survivors of sexual violence to heal, get justice and reclaim their right to live good lives. She is open to exploring how HELP’s Crisis Team can further share their expertise and support to other professionals.

To contact Stephanie Forde, Crisis Services Manager, you can email:, or phone: 021 748 451.