Sexual abuse or assault can be done to anyone, and people in the rainbow community are often targeted. For people in the rainbow community, there can be more challenges in getting help afterwards, including if you need to “come out” to access services, get medical or legal assistance, or deal with other people’s stereotypes about gender and sexual identities or experiences.

You may be worried about whether you will be believed about who did this to you, especially if there are complicated power dynamics* involved. If you aren’t sure, you will get the support you need from the people around you, call us or your local sexual assault support service.

Other supports available include OutLine (all ages), RainbowYOUTH (for youth), Gender Minorities Aotearoa (for transgender and non-binary people) or Intersex Aotearoa (for intersex people with variations in sex characteristics). You may also contact us or any of the LGBTQIA+ specific services if you have a need or issue you wish to talk through.

HELP Auckland have trained staff members who are sensitive to the needs of LGBTQIA+ survivors and who can provide support, resources and referrals specifically tailored to rainbow & takatāpui people.

It is important to know you are not alone – you have the right to seek support and have your experiences taken seriously.

Check out some options for rainbow community support here:
OutLine: Free Support Line Service – OutLine Aotearoa
RainbowYouth: Support Services — RainbowYOUTH
Intersex Aotearoa – Intersex Aotearoa
Gender Minorities Aotearoa – Gender Minorities Aotearoa