A poem by Suzi Gallagher

The endless Winter you threatened me with
Has become the blanket of fog that embraces
An early morning in Spring.

I feel the tiny droplets, caressing me.
The biting cold
And the goosebumps dancing over my skin.

The sky looks as blue and as clear as the ocean.
I see the buds in the flower bed,
Their colours peeping through;
Vibrant reds, oranges, yellows
Like Autumn, my favourite season.

I can almost smell the dew on the grass,
Water beading
And reflecting the sun’s rays.

Now all I can feel is the promise of an endless Summer;
A sense of adventure,
Gatherings with loved ones,
Blue sky days,
Sun shining from the core of my being
With endless possibility.

I take a deep breath,
Turn my head to the sky, and I smile.
I hear the birds sing,
Their melody in sync with my heartbeat.
​Because I am alive.