Project Restore

We recognise that sometimes survivors need or want to still have contact with the person who sexually offended against them.  HELP works with survivors to aid in that process of re-establishing safe relationships through a restorative justice programme, called Project Restore.


Project Restore seeks to put things right by having the people involved come together in a facilitated meeting to talk about how they have been affected and what needs to happen to resolve issues. This offers the survivor a chance to tell their story, how they were harmed and what they need for that harm to be healed, including answers to any questions they have.


For this process to be effective, it requires the offender to be able to acknowledge the harm caused and to work towards an understanding of their behaviour in order to show remorse and give a full and appropriate apology.


Project Restore is an innovative, survivor-driven, restorative justice programme delivered collaboratively with specialists in survivor and offender services and restorative justice services. Because of the particular dynamics of sexual violence, in-depth preparation with all the relevant people is undertaken to minimise any risks of harm, and maximise chances of healing while striving for justice.


For more information about Project Restore, call HELP on 09 623 1700.  You can also learn more about offender treatment programmes that are available.