Justice Services

HELP provides a range of Justice Services to assist people who have experienced sexual abuse as they enter the court process. Previous or current counselling is not required, though it is recommended as going to court can be an intimidating process and counselling can help survivors to work through any issues which arise.  Alongside this, our Justice Services counsellor assists survivors in understanding the nature of the court process and in developing skills which will help them to stay calm through their time in court.

At any stage after the charges are laid in court, it can be useful to talk to the Justice Services counsellor to make a plan for support leading up to the trial date. This will include supporting the survivor emotionally through the waiting time, which can be many months or sometimes, even more than a year.

HELP also offers a restorative justice programme, called Project Restore.

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Before the Trial

Learn what happens before the trial.

During the Trial

Learn what happens during the trial.

After the Trial

Learn what happens after the trial.

Project Restore

Our restorative justice programme can help bring survivors and offenders together to restore family unity and safety.

If you wish to access these services, contact us to speak to a counsellor. There is no cost involved and it is a confidential service, with the exception of when callers identify serious safety issues.


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