Child & Family Therapy

HELP’s Child and Family Therapy service integrates the child’s healing process through psychotherapy, with caregiver support and counselling aimed at safeguarding the long term safety of the child. We can provide counselling to children who have been abused, alongside their non-offending caregivers, to help children recover from the experience of abuse and to assist families in developing an emotionally safe environment to aid your child’s recovery and prevent any further abuse.


When the person who abused your child is a family member, we can work alongside their treatment provider (usually SAFE) to assist the family to establish new, safe ways of being in relationship, which are comfortable for the child who was abused.


All of our counsellors are women and are expertly trained in the area of dealing with sexual abuse. We also work in partnership with other agencies, like Child, Youth, and Family (CYF) and specialised medical practitioners, if this is in your (and your child’s) best interest.


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