What We Do

HELP is committed to contributing to the ending of sexual abuse and along with this, physical abuse and neglect.

Sexual violence has a high cost. Victims/survivors, perpetrators, family members, friends, acquaintances, and others are affected by sexual violence in many ways: physically, emotionally, socially, legally, financially, at school, home and work. All of us feel the impact. Both the act of and the threat of sexual violence have significant effects on many people throughout their lives.

We try to prevent sexual abuse by:

  • Keeping sexual violence visible in the world as a problem through media, events, notices, newsletters and making submissions to government.
  • Providing children, parents and preschools with effective methods of prevention, early detection and effective responses to disclosure through the We Can Keep Safe programme.
  • Providing information to young people, parents, family members and professionals who are concerned about the possibility of sexual abuse, through our website and 24/7 HELPline.
  • Providing consultation to those peers, parents, and professionals responding to sexual abuse.
  • Working in schools with young people to provide access to healing and liaising with and supporting school counsellors to facilitate and manage disclosures.
  • Working with offender services and restorative justice services to provide relationship resolutions that are likely to reduce further victimisation and further offending.
  • Screening for harmful sexual behaviours among the clients we see for therapy.
  • Supporting the adult clients we see to be aware of actual or potential abuse of their children and to reduce the risks of victimisation of their children.
  • Supporting families to notify CYF or Police about the abuse of children or young people, and making these notifications ourselves if families are not able to do so.
  • Supporting young people to find safe accommodation if need be.
  • Ensuring staff are trained to identify and respond to abuse as per agency policy.