Secondary School Prevention Programmes

It’s important for teenagers to have the tools and knowledge to keep themselves safe.

There are many programmes available tailor-made just for this specific age group.


Many high schools around Auckland are involved in Rape Prevention Education’s BodySafe Programme, which is funded by the Ministry of Education and grants. The programme helps Year 9 – 13 students take greater responsibility for their safety and wellbeing, both in their personal relationships and situations with strangers. It provides information on sexual violation and self-protection, with a focus on prevention. The workshops address childhood sexual abuse, as well as sexual coercion within dating relationships and other high-risk situations.



Another branch of the BodySafe programme, Sex’n’Respect works with young people to promote respectful relating and create communities free of sexual violence. Committed to culturally-relevant prevention initiatives, Sex’n’Respect has a great website, geared towards young people.



KidPower also offers a TeenPower workshop for youths aged 13 to 18, focused on positive, fun training in violence prevention, personal safety and real-life situations. Participants learn simple risk reduction and successful communication techniques so that they can maximise the joys of meeting and being with people, both those they know and strangers. These soft skills are backed up with effective and professionally coached physical self-defence.


Peer Sexuality Support Programme

The Auckland Sexual Health Service provides the Peer Sexuality Support Programme to 25 secondary schools across Auckland to help students make informed decisions about their own sexual health. The programme aims to formalise existing networks, training students to work in a supportive and referral role with their peers.


Online Resources

It is important that teens have sound ideas around what healthy relationships are and are able to protect themselves and maintain their own sense of worth that demands the right treatment in relationships. To help them with this, there are a range of healthy relationship resources online.

  • Family Planning has a range of information booklets available, which are free to order and cost only the price of shipping. Topics include ‘Your Choice’, ‘This isn’t love’, ‘All about growing up’ and there is a Healthy Relationships dvd available.


  • Attitude, the youth education division on Parents Inc. provides health education programmes to some high school students and has a range of handbooks available that help teens. The Sex with Attitude booklet helps young people place a high value on themselves and their sexuality and promotes healthy choices.


  • KidPower has developed the Healthy Relationships online programme for teens and adults with intellectual disabilities to provide practical tools and build resiliency to prevent bullying and abuse.


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