Primary School Prevention Programmes

There are a few different prevention programmes offered by agencies throughout New Zealand.

Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS)

The New Zealand Police offer a government funded education programme called Keeping Ourselves Safe to primary, intermediate and secondary schools. Through the programme, children learn to work out when their safety is at risk. They will learn how to keep safe when they meet and mix with other people and understand who and how to ask for help, while coming to understand the importance of making and following personal, family and school safety rules. For purchase aciphex quality medication online visit Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about what they learn in KOS, helping them with activities they bring home and setting safety guidelines to reinforce the messages that the school is giving.


An organisation called KidPower offers programmes to promote children’s sense and protection of their own safety.  There is a Parent and Child workshop for 4 to 7 year olds, where children learn age-appropriate skills that they can use to feel safer and more confident dealing with people. For purchase aciphex quality medication online visit Parents also learn how to continue practicing and reinforcing these skills.

For slightly older children (8 to 12 year olds), there is a KidPower workshop that includes activities and role playing to help kids take charge when they are on their own and being bullied, intimidated, touched inappropriately or assaulted. They can learn physical self-defence and the course can be tailored to meet individual needs, or offered through schools.