Cyberspace Prevention

While the internet and mobile phones are extremely useful tools, they can be used for anti-social or even criminal behaviour and have changed the ways that offenders access the people they abuse.

It’s a common fear of young people that the reporting of any inappropriate activity online will automatically lead to confiscation of phone or internet access, so they often don’t tell. Helping children develop the critical thinking skills to question whoever and whatever they encounter online though, will help them to consider their actions before they share anything.


NetSafe actively works to keep Kiwi kids safer in Cyberspace. You can send a query to the NetSafe team  if you have concerns about what your child is viewing.  You can also contact your child’s school to see if the Ministry of Education approved NetSafe Kit for Schools is in use.

Hector’s World

Hector’s World is an animated website for parents and teachers to help children learn about safe online practices. The site features provigil online seven animated episodes featuring Hector the dolphin and his friends, that are accessible to kids, as well as a range of strategies and advice for parents.