Legacy FAQs

What can I leave in a legacy to HELP?

Although a cash gift is the most efficient way for you to support us, any gift is gratefully accepted. Some examples of possible legacy gifts are:

  • cash
  • real estate
  • works of art
  • jewellery
  • stocks
  • shares
  • pensions

There are many other ways that the gift could be set up. For example, it is possible to leave money in trust to support a spouse or partner during their lifetime which would then be left to us after the spouse or partner passes away.

Which type of legacy is best for HELP?

The very best way in which you can help us through your will is to leave a Residuary Legacy. That is, to leave whatever is left, or a percentage or fraction of whatever is left after your dependents have been provided for and your debts and cash legacies have been paid.

This type of legacy is inflation-proof, maintaining its value over time. This means that you will never have to alter your will to account for inflation, as you may with a Pecuniary (specific sum of money) Legacy.

Can I alter an existing will to include a legacy to HELP?

If you would like to amend an existing will to include us, you can do so by adding a codicil or amendment. This acts like a sort of postscript to your existing will, and can be drawn up easily by your solicitor.

Can I specify where my gift goes?

In order to allow us to use your gift as most needed, it is best to leave a legacy for ‘general purposes’. However, if you do wish to restrict some or all of your gift to a particular area of our work your solicitor will be able to suggest wording to ensure we will still receive your gift, even if there are changes to the way we provide services.

Can I change my mind later? 

Yes, even if you have made a will you can make changes or additions to it at any time. Your solicitor will be able to advise you.

What information does my solicitor need?

Consider the value of your assets and subtract all your outstanding financial obligations, in order to work out how much your estate will be worth and give some thought as to where the money is to be distributed between family, friends, charities and other organisations.

It is important to seek out qualified advice from a solicitor when drawing up your will. If you do not have a solicitor you can look in the Yellow Pages or you could contact the District Law Society for a contact.

Your solicitor will help you to finalise your will in accordance with your wishes and advise you about choosing executors and how to keep your will safe.


If you still have questions about leaving a legacy to HELP, please don’t hesitate to contact us.