Leave a Legacy

Your will is a unique and clear record of your wishes. No matter what your financial situation, making a legal will enables you to provide for the needs of family who depend on you, as well as the charities you choose to support.

By supporting HELP through a bequest, you are not impacting on your current financial situation, but are making a real difference to those with future needs. You can be assured that you will be continuing to care for people in your community well beyond your lifetime and that your financial contribution will be well managed.

If you already have a will and wish to change this, you can include a Codicil (amendment or addition) to incorporate your gift to HELP.  Advisors recommend that you review your will every five years, in case your circumstances or intentions change. If you have not yet made a will, the good news is that this is usually a very simple, inexpensive process and the benefits are enormous.


More Information

If you are ready to write your will, here is some official wording to help you.

Making decisions about your legacy requires thought.

For further information, please contact our Fundraising Manager.