Social Services Committee  

Inquiry into the Funding of Specialist Sexual Violence Social Services

Closing date for submissions – October 10th, 2013.

Services like HELP often have financial difficulties as funding is partial and piecemeal.  The Social Services Committee is looking into this –  what services should be funded and how should they be funded?

HELP and national organisation TOAH-NNEST will each be making submissions about the need for sufficient and reliable funding to enable us to meet the needs of survivors and their families.

If you would like to have a voice about this too, please make a submission. The more people that the Committee hears from, the better!

See below for guides on how to make a submission, or for a one page written submission which you can sign and send in.

Please note, submissions will be published on the parliamentary web-site so please begin your submission stating that you wish for anonymity if it contains personal and sensitive information.

About the Inquiry – press release

Submission template

Submission guide for people affected by sexual violence

Submission guide for services and supporters

Quick and easy submission

Example of a short submission    making a submission to a parliamentary select committee