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We are always looking for people interested in social change to join us in letting the government know what we think needs to change. Numbers count – the more submissions received, the more likely the government is to listen.

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Justice for Victims  Too

1. Read the Law Commission proposals:

HELP supports most, but in particular:

  • An independent advocate for the victim through the entire process – what we do from rape crisis and HELP centres
  • Specialist courts with trained judges and lawyers
  • Changing the fact finder to a judge and 2 trained but lay jurors and requirement for written justification for the verdict
  • Judge-led questioning
  • A treatment court
  • An alternative model of justice eg restorative justice as provided by Project Restore

2. Contact Minister of Justice Amy Adams and let her know what you want

3. Contact your MP and let them know what you want

4. Invite friends and colleagues to do the same  

Contact us to join our list of people we contact when a submission is called for, or for other activities leading to change.