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Join Toby’s Team!

Toby needs your help to keep Auckland’s children safe.   For $1,800 you can sponsor a school so they can receive We Can Keep Safe.  You’ll be ensuring that Auckland’s youngest are given the tools to help them stay safe in all kinds of situations.


As a member of Toby’s Team, you will receive:

1) A special certificate declaring you a member of Toby’s Team

2) A thank you card from the children you have helped.

3) A We Can Keep Safe magnet to display proudly

4) The knowledge that you are making a difference in your community.

5) A tax receipt for your 100% deductible donation.



If you’d like to become a part of Toby’s Team and help sponsor a We Can Keep Safe programme for an Auckland preschool, please contact our Fundraising Manager.



More sponsorship opportunities are currently under development.  Continue to check back here to learn about even more ways that you can make a difference.