‘Must Knows’

Here are some helpful ‘must-knows’ about counselling:


  • It is important  to find a counsellor that you feel comfortable speaking to freely, that you feel listens to you and responds to you honestly and respectfully. This may mean you talk to a few people before making your decision, but we can help you do that.


  • It is important to understand that counselling involves talking about yourself and your experiences. It involves time and a commitment to yourself, but you will notice the difference it makes in your life.


  • Counselling remains confidential between you and the counsellor or organisation unless you or others are thought to be at risk or there are legal requirements to disclose information.


  • Engaging in counselling does not mean that you are required to report what has happened to the Police, tell others, or confront the offender. It’s here purely for your healing and peace of mind, however you decide to handle the process of holding the person who hurt you accountable.


  • Most counsellors will see you for weekly sessions of 50 – 60 minutes. ACC registered counsellors might receive a contribution towards the cost of your counselling if you have an approved claim. Often you will need to pay the balance, however, most counsellors are negotiable depending on your income. HELP has a list of ACC approved counsellors for your area, so give us a call. Money shouldn’t prevent you from receiving counselling – you may just need to enquire with a few agencies.


Talking to a stranger about something so personal can seem daunting, but remember, they are trained professionals. Many women like to read books or talk on the phone before they consider counselling. The Women’s Bookshop on Ponsonby Road and online at www.womensbookshop.co.nz has many helpful books and your local library will also have some.


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