Telling Other People

It can be really difficult dealing with all the effects of sexual abuse. It can affect every area of your life, sometimes in ways that are surprising. Your safety and self care is important.  Taking good care of yourself right now  can help ease some of the effects that you are experiencing.


Often it can be helpful to have someone you can talk to about these things. Specialist counsellors understand the effects sexual abuse can have on a person’s life and are able to support you through the process of moving past what happened.


HELP’s Youth Therapy service provides counselling to young women at the agency office, and also at some schools around Auckland.  You may want to talk about stuff that happened a long time ago, or stuff that happened more recently – either is OK. You can make a request to see a counsellor from the Youth Therapy Team by contacting us.


Counselling provides a safe place to deal with the long-term effects and make sense of your feelings and it can help you manage any symptoms you may be experiencing. Learn more about how it helps.


Many young people worry that their story will be told to other people, but at HELP, your information is confidential. If you are not at risk of harm, what you say to your counsellor doesn’t get shared with anyone else – not friends, or family, teachers or Police, without your permission.  Find out more about privacy and confidentiality.