If You Suspect Abuse

Of all the indicators of abuse, a sexually transmitted infection is the only one delivering surety. In the presence of any other indicators, parents need to do what they would normally do when their child is behaving differently or is upset: talk to them, be patient, let them know that it is good to share feelings because parents can help to fix problems, and let them know you love them and care about how they are feeling. A child may disclose with this questioning, or it could come seemingly out of the blue, as they tell you about someone touching them in a way they didn’t like, or asking them to keep a secret about a new game.

If you think a child is at risk of being abused today – call 111 and speak to the Police

If you think a child has been abused, but is not at risk today – call Child, Youth and Family on 0508 326 459

If you don’t know what to do, or want support or counselling for a child or family, contact HELP.