HELP for Parents & Caregivers

Children are highly vulnerable to dangers due to their innocent and trusting natures and youth are vulnerable due to their growing independence and decreased supervision.  It’s important as parents and caregivers that we do everything we can to keep them safe.

While there are some great programmes available in the community that provide first steps for your children, their ultimate safety remains largely in your hands.  It’s up to you to keep your children safe.


Minimising Risk 

Learn how to minimise risk in your child’s life as much as possible.


Providing a Safe Environment

Providing a safe place for your children is key to prevention.


Children’s Sexual Behaviour:  What’s normal and what’s not?

Most behaviour is normal, but sometimes it isn’t.  Learn what to do.


Unsafe Adult Behaviour

Learn to identify questionable behaviour in adults that spend time with your children.


What If a Child Tells You?

Find out what to say and what action to take if a child tells you they have been abused.


What If a Teenager Tells You?

How you respond can make a huge difference in a teenage survivor’s recovery.  Learn what’s helpful, and what’s not.


If You Suspect Abuse

Always trust your instincts.  Here’s what to do if you suspect abuse.


How We Can HELP Your Child

Learn what help there is for children who have been abused.


How We Can HELP Your Teenager

Find out about our Youth Therapy service.  It might be exactly what your teen needs.


Prevention for All Ages

Learn more about programmes and resources available to proactively prevent sexual abuse.

Additional Information

Download HELP’s Caregiver Booklets.  Each booklet contains useful information for parents and caregivers who are dealing with a child recovering from sexual abuse.
Of course, if you don’t find the answers you’re looking for, you can always call us any day, any time.