HELP for Other Professionals

HELP offers counselling, resources, support, information and help to women, young adults and children who have experienced sexual assault. We provide a 24 hour crisis support service and confidential telephone line and advocacy services for survivors. Our counsellors are called out in the Auckland area to support anyone who has reported a sexual assault to the Police and are going through the associated procedures.

HELP provides a prevention programme for preschools and training for community groups. On a less visible level, we work to train practitioners, liaise with Police and engage in political activity with the goal of achieving societal change. HELP is working towards ‘de-stigmatisation’ and breaking the silence around sexual violence and we speak out frequently both in the media and at conferences, giving a voice to survivors.

We work alongside other agencies in a range of ways, including the New Zealand Police, NetSafe, Rape Prevention Education, SAFE Network, Child Youth and Family and schools and preschools in the area.


Supervision & Training

HELP staff offers professional supervision for those who require it as well as training to agencies that work with sexual abuse.


School Counsellors 

We can provide support to school counsellors who have concerns for students.



We prefer to speak directly with those who need our services. It is often difficult for clients to come here, as having an appointment usually leads to increased thinking about the sexual violence they have experienced. We find it helps if they have already talked with us, so please ask your clients to give us a call. If this is difficult for the client to do, consider offering that they can make the phone call from your office, If not, you could phone through the bulk of the referral, if we are able to call the client later.


Other Resources

You can access a wealth of information relating to sexual abuse in the Get Info section of our website.


For more information, please contact us.