HELP for Adults

If you’re an adult who has been sexually assaulted, knows someone who has been sexually assaulted, or you’re having thoughts of dangerous and harmful behaviour, you’re in the right place.

If you’ve just been sexually assaulted, the first thing to focus on is your own safety, both physically and emotionally. Get away from the offender to a safe place and do what you need to do to get past the first intense feelings that often immediately follow the abuse (fright, numbness, confusion).

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How We Can HELP

We offer a range of services from crisis support to ongoing therapy to justice services.

How to HELP Yourself 

Get tips on safety and self care as well as what impacts to expect from your assault.

How to HELP Others

If you know a child, teenager, or an adult who is suffering from the effects of sexual abuse, learn how to be a source of support and strength for them.

Common Impacts

Learn what impacts to expect in yourself and others.

Reclaiming Your Sexual Self

Sexual abuse can affect your sense of sexuality and intimacy, but it doesn’t have to be like that forever.

Treatment for Harmful Sexual Behaviour

You may be thinking about harming someone, or perhaps you’ve already done so.  There is help available.

HELP Counsellors

HELP counsellors are trained to work with adult women who have experienced trauma and understand the impacts trauma can have on a person, both immediately following an assault, and later on.  Research shows that the sooner psychological intervention is provided for someone who has experienced trauma, the better their long term recovery is likely to be.

We can also provide referrals to counsellors that specialise in working with men.