Our Vision & Values


Our Vision

To work toward a society where relationships are based on co-operation and respect, rather than competition and power.


Our Values

Professionalism:  We always act responsibly and with integrity, meeting legal and ethical standards and ensuring accountability. Confidentiality, self-care, supervision and external input are the cornerstones of our work.

Contribution to community:  We believe in empowering women and supporting their growth and development. We embrace cultural diversity and oppose oppression.

Responsibility:  We honour our commitment to the beliefs underpinning our work and accept responsibility for continually expanding our skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Working together:  We aspire to sustain a healthy workplace, showing compassion for humanness and valuing everyone’s contributions. We share decision-making responsibilities, and communicate with integrity while supporting one another.

Working safely:  We are committed to survivors, our own health and the agency. Part of our mission is to increase the value of what we do in society, so that we may not always be facing such insufficient resources.

Leadership:  We aspire to models of leadership and management that maintain practices of participation, connectedness and transparency of decision-making and process.   

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