About HELP

HELP has been Auckland’s specialist provider of sexual abuse support services since 1982.


HELP believes that sexual abuse has no place in civilised society.  However, for as long as it continues to occur in Auckland, HELP works to enable women and children suffering from the effects of abuse to regain their lives. HELP supports and empowers all affected by such an experience to reclaim their place in their families and society. We provide a culturally safe environment and remain conscious of issues of culture, engaging in training to ensure that we cater to the needs of our diverse society in the best possible way.


HELP employs over 30 staff, trained in trauma therapy and other psychotherapeutic and educational approaches, including psychotherapists, crisis counsellors, administration and management.  If you’re interested in joining the team, learn more about working for us.


Among HELP’s services are 24 hour telephone crisis counselling, a call-out service to support women through police interviews and forensic medicals, face-to-face therapy and our prevention programme for preschools. Training for community groups is also available and aspects of our services are offered in some Auckland high schools.  Learn more about the services we offer.


All the counsellors working at HELP are women who are trained in dealing with issues arising from sexual abuse or rape. We are skilled in dealing with people of various ethnic, sexual and religious orientations and can provide referrals to complementary services for more ongoing support.


On a less visible level, HELP works to train practitioners, liaises with police and engages in political activity with the goal of achieving societal change.  Breaking the silence around sexual violence and contributing to ‘de-stigmatisation’ is key and we speak out in the media and at conferences.

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